Toyota Tacoma Colors

The Toyota Tacoma may feature rugged, chiseled good looks across the board, but when you come in to pick out your new Tacoma there's a significant exterior factor you have control over: the color. Toyota Tacoma colors include: Blazing Blue Pearl, Barcelona Red Metallic, Inferno, Magnetic Grey Metallic, Quicksand, Cement, Super White, Silver Sky Metallic, and Black. Every color represents the latest and greatest regarding popular and eye-catching finishes currently on the market. Let AutoNation Toyota Irvine help you explore your options when it comes to selecting the ideal exterior tone for you.

Vibrant Tones

This year the Toyota Tacoma comes in eight different colors, three of which feature more striking hues that are sure to draw attention on the street. The Blazing Blue Pearl is the perfect choice for lovers of blue tones, while the Barcelona Red Metallic is for those who find pleasure in red. Inferno, on the other hand, is a vivacious shade of orange that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd
 Blazing Blue Pearl
Barcelona Red Metallic

Sophisticated Tones

If you're not interested in causing whiplash but you still want a sleek and memorable paint finish, take a look at the Toyota Tacoma's more professional tones. These include Magnetic Gray Metallic, Quicksand, and Cement. These hues are the epitome of elegance and grace, featuring not only a tip of the hat to the sophistication of past styles but also a glance towards the future for car colors.
Magnetic Grey Metallic

Classic Tones

If neither the more sophisticated or vibrant tones do it for you, you're probably best suited for the classy finishes of Super White, Silver Sky Metallic, or Black. You can't go wrong with colors that have survived new model lines for decades, and which keep your Tacoma looking fresh and ready to work at all times.
Super White
Silver Sky Metallic

Toyota Tacoma Colors Near You

Now that you know what is waiting for you, it's time to head on down to AutoNation Toyota Irvine to select the Toyota Tacoma for you. No matter whether your favorite is Inferno or the Super White, your Toyota Tacoma will be a handsome showstopper wherever it goes.